Neuro-Cervical and Neuro-Spinal Therapy


At the clinic “Nova Vitia” in Guayaquil Ecuador, Dr. Young has been getting amazing results using the Youngliving Essential Oils in a revolusionary way. The oils are chosen for your specific issue and applied with precision to the nerve root of the spine. It is painless and extremely effective in bringing desired results.

If you have uncomfortable muscle tension, a surgery scar along the spine, a chronic pain area where other therapies have not been successful, Neuro-cervical or Neuro-spinal oil treatments could be for you. There are oils that could help with Neurologic diseases, PMS symptoms, fatigue, spiritual disconnect, and more.

This treatment is combined with Raindrop Therapy at no extra charge unless you need an additional oil. Then the cost is Al-la-cart per oil used.