Yarmouth Wellness Fair 2012

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Yarmouth Wellness Fair 2012

Yarmouth Wellness Fair 2012

Taking Responsibility for your Health, doing your “Homework”

When you are healthy your energy flows, the streets are paved with gold and the future is bright.  I challenge you to look at your life and see what it would look like if you really took care of yourself.  I once said to my sister, who was struggling to really take care of her health issues, “You need to take care of your kid’s mom.”  She paused in the conversation, then started to cry.  Nothing more to say, she knew it was time to put herself first.

How do you maintain your health?  Do you stretch? Is there something in particular that you do that enhances your day?  How much water do you drink to enhance your health? Are there situations in your life that seem to flow smoothly because you did that certain thing? Do you notice that a “bad day” just keeps getting worse, and you don’t know how to turn it around?  These are some questions that you might be asked by one of the practitioners you are about to meet.  If you will give yourself the next 15 minutes to read through these paragraphs you may find some insights about complimentary health care and how it can benefit your physical, spiritual, mental, social and even financial health day to day, maybe even moment to moment.

The experienced local practitioners who contributed to this article offer you their guidance and continued support between sessions through “homework” you can do after a session because of concern for your wellbeing.  What “home work” might you be given to continue the work that was begun in the office of that particular practitioner?

Let’s talk with our panel of practitioners about examples of their “home work”:


Therapeutic Massage

Terri Arden,261 Main Street,Yarmouth

Website: terriarden.com  207-749-8466

Clients have come to me for massage since 2005.  Massage is recommended by doctors to relieve stress, combat pain, improve physical function, and much more.  My clients tell me that they have never experienced massage in such a therapeutic way before working with me.  They feel transformed.  My response to them is, “I am honored to be a part of your transformation. There is more your body will reveal to you as we continue our work together.  We are doing this as a team, you and I.”

Here is a typical session at my office: 

I get a health history from you where you indicate what parts of your body call your attention in a negative way, (the discomfort you feel throughout your day, at work, or during exercise).  During the massage I let my hands listen to that area of the body and make adjustments in the tension of the muscle tissue.  Hot stones, essential oils, deep massage, light massage, Chinese Cupping, Reiki, reflexology are all used when necessary to discover the root cause of the discomfort.  After the treatment I recommend drinking water to continue the flow of metabolic waste released by opening up the stuck places in the body.  There are stretches that can be incorporated to enhance the healing process of that area of the body.  I am an athlete, a dancer, a business woman, massage therapist, a mom, a wife.  My life experience and observation skills afford me the insight into your situation, to provide you with the most valuable suggestions for your “home care”.  I don’t know how to do cookie cutter treatments.  You are my focus.  My clients typically see me 2-3 times in the first month and maintain their treatments with a 3-4 week interval.



Doug Reighley,LMT, RPP

26 School Street,Yarmouth

website: www.dareighley.massagetherapy.com  (207)749-1961

For my new clients, I talk a lot about breathing. Since breathing is one of the only things we have to do to live, I want to have them practice conscious breathing techniques. And, I suggest a different approach to breathing.

I ask my clients to start with an exhale before the inhale. With the exhale, I want them to go beyond the point where they think they are out of breath. They discover how much they are holding in reserve, or how much they are “holding on to”. Then after they inhale, I ask if they feel more space in their chest. They repeat exhaling more than the previous time and inhaling deeply into the opened space. Most clients feel more relaxed and lighter in less than 5 minutes of focused breathing.

This becomes a piece of homework for the clients to practice when they leave my office. I suggest that they practice breathing at stop signs, red lights, when leaving their office, when starting their car, and when they arrive home. I offer a useful time for exhale/inhale, when in discussion turns testy. Exhaling releases anger and frustration and then the inhale allows for clearer thoughts to be expressed.

Remember breathing is something we must do to keep living, so do it thoughtfully starting with the exhale!


Say It Again for Yourself

Jean Mattimore, Ed.D., Reiki Master and Energy Practitioner

Offices at Sanctuary HolisticHealthCenter,50 Forest Falls Drive,Yarmouthand inPortland

Website: Sanctuaryholistichealth.com   207-846-1162, ext. 8 jeanmattimore@gmail.com

People work with me for many reasons: to maintain their optimum state of wellness, address health issues, balance and enliven their own energy, and transform their lives—often for a combination of these. Energy works in people as it does in all other things, through vibration transmitted at a certain frequency level.  If that level is low, the energy is dense and is more difficult to transmit to support their living system of health.  Low energy creates an opening for dis-ease, whether physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual.

The healing work I do in partnership with a client is always focused on what that individual wants to create in his or her life—the “intention” for greater wellness—which is always at a high-vibration level, such as creating better balance or releasing pain or relieving stress or supporting the person through a life transition. Through gentle hands-on bodywork that engages the client’s life force, we work to support those intentions using Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, DNA Energy Healing and other techniques.

Often, during a session, positive language arises that supports the intention, such as “My life is full, and I manage my commitments with ease.” These positive statements must be felt deeply as true by the person I’m working with so they naturally hold a high healing vibration. The language we use carries vibration too and can reinforce our positive intentions.  As “home work”, I ask clients to repeat the specific phrases from their energy session at least three times a day for two to four weeks to reinforce the high vibration of what they want to manifest in their lives. This frequent repetition of life-affirming vibration then becomes fully integrated in their body, mind, emotions and spirit. Even in our busy lives, this simple “homework” can be done and with amazing results.


Discovering What Ails Us

Steven Thomas, LMT

261 Maine Street,Yarmouth

steventhomasmassage@earthlink.net  (208) 632-4468

I specialize in Deep Tissue and Myofascial Massage and Craniosacral Therapy.  While I do work with all types of concerns, the majority of people who walk through my door all present similar problems. They have difficulties, discomfort and varying degrees of pain resulting from chronic soft tissue issues.  These issues are the result of long term relationships with stress, postural imbalances, scar tissue from accidents and surgeries, over use and under use syndromes and sustained contraction of muscle tissue over long time frames.

At the end of our sessions I am frequently asked, “What can I do to keep this from coming back?” That is the million dollar question that always brings a slight smile to my face.  I could speculate as to what the culprit might be and I may well be correct.  However, I believe the biggest benefit of massage therapy and any other manual modality is body awareness.  When I am met with this question I suggest the following “homework”…

“For the next week or so I want you to be hyper aware of not only your problem area, be it arm, shoulder or low back pain, but I want you to be body aware.  Be aware of how you move in space, how you sit, how you drive, how you carry the groceries.  In doing so, I suggest, that you will find what ails you i.e. what is aggravating your chronic issue and causing it to flare up and rear its ugly head.”

Nine out of ten client s return the following session with a pretty good idea of what is contributing and/or causing their pain.  The client not only has increased body awareness but can now make the necessary life changes to decrease and sometimes eliminate future pain issues.

You can meet these practitioners and many more at the Yarmouth Wellness Fair on Saturday, April 14, from 9:00 to 3:00 at theRoweElementary School inYarmouth,Maine. You can get mini-treatments by signing up with a variety of practitioners.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to ask your questions about how complementary health care might enhance your wellbeing.



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